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KOA Nation News

Schedule Updates

Due to the growing popularity of the CrossFit Lite class, the 6:45pm class on Tuesday will now be CrossFit Lite. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:45pm will be CrossFit Lite. We also added one more Women's only class on Thursday at 8:45am. CrossFit Lite does not mean an easier CrossFit workout, they are still intense and hard just a little different.

New CrossFit Lite Class

Beginning on  Monday, February 16th we will now have a CrossFit Lite class on Monday and Wednesday at 6:45pm in the back gym. The class is a CrossFit workout but does not use the more technical Olympic lifts, the clean and jerk and the snatch. In general the WOD's are longer in duration and use lighter to medium weights . The class still includes a strength element followed by a WOD.